The Columbia Undergraduate Law Review is excited to announce its annual High School Essay Contest. Respondents must answer the following prompt in approximately, but no more than, 1000 words:


Global warming, the current climate ‘apocalypse,’ and the feasibility of policies like the Green New Deal have dominated the contemporary media focus. Notably, lawyers and advocates in the current administration have taken to either defending or fighting against “alternative facts.” How can this legal battle be reconciled with the ostensibly scientific character of climate change? To answer this question, please incorporate a Supreme Court case that was decided since 2000 which you believe impacts the modern decade’s fight for, or against, environmental justice. Explain why you agree or disagree with the Court’s decision. Using court precedents, opinions, and legal analysis, explain in what direction this legal fight will continue, and why.  


The deadline for submission is August 31, 2019. Please send submissions to  sp3493@columbia.edu and akh2160@columbia.edu with the Subject “CULR HSE: Last Name, First Name.”


The first-prize article will be published on our online website and the next two runners-up will receive a certificate of recognition from the Columbia Undergraduate Law Review. We look forward to hearing your responses!