Sarah is a junior in Columbia College majoring in Political Science and specializing in political theory and international affairs. She is passionate about criminal justice reform, gender justice, Asian American activism, and legal theory. She hopes to attend law school to become a federal judge, and eventually, a Supreme Court Justice.


Abigail Hickman is a sophomore in Columbia College studying political science and anthropology. She is the co-Executive Editor for Online. Outside of the Columbia Undergraduate Law Review, she is the Political Chair for the Native American Council of Columbia University and works in the Columbia University Office of Undergraduate Admissions.


Danielle Mikaelian is currently a sophomore in Columbia College majoring in English. After college, she hopes to attend law school and specialize in intellectual property or copyright law. In the past, Danielle spent two summers interning at SAGE Publications, one of the world’s largest producers of academic research journals.


Helen is a sophomore in Columbia College studying biology and art history. Her main interests lie in the intersection of law, policy, and biomedical breakthroughs as well as healthcare policy and reform. Outside of law review, she’s constantly looking for new museum exhibits and ways to diversity her coffee repertoire.


Caroline is a sophomore in Columbia College majoring in Political Science and specializing in American Politics and International Relations. She is the co-founder of Columbia University's U.N. Girl Up chapter, which supports female empowerment and advocacy campaigns worldwide. In the future, she hopes to attend law school to learn more about law in a global context.


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